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The amentis
Scenario Manager

The capacity planning software
at the heart of your supply chain

Efficiently optimized capacity planning

The amentis Scenario Manager ensures that you are alerted to impending bottlenecks in your production and will be aware of unused or underused capacities in real time.


You may experience unnecessary costs and/or delivery bottlenecks caused by a lack of transparency in your resource network.


Carrying out a “what if” analysis enables you to compare alternative solutions and to make tactical decisions based on detailed information.



The Scenario Manager helps you to identify problems with your demand versus capacity needs, develop solution strategies, plan shifts in a targeted manner and use capacities effectively.

Scenario Managers – the highlights

Reporting user interface

Dynamic ad-hoc analyses span over several layers of aggregation and dimensions.

Scenario planning function

The flexible comparison tool allows you to evaluate various scenarios prior to any decision-making.

Automatic line balancing

Optimization function for automatic solutions to capacity bottlenecks

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Planning of your supply chain

The Scenario Manager provides many functions and configuration options for the planning of your supply chain. Increase your production potential!


Many companies still view demand planning as pure sales planning. However, while SMEs may forecast sales on a short, medium and long-term basis, they often fail to plan for accurate requirements based on sales versus available capacities. This may consequently lead to bottlenecks — and turnover losses.

Today’s market is virtually inundated with planning systems. Yet the cost of implementation and maintenance are often extremely high, particularly due to the fact that such systems offer many functions far beyond the needs of SMEs. In addition, many systems do not adapt to individual business requirements and individual functions are difficult to adjust. As a result, many small and medium-sized businesses are forced to survive without an application for proper demand and capacity planning.

With the help of the Scenario Manager users may derive necessary requirements and capacity utilization levels from the custom sales forecasts. This ensures that potential bottlenecks are easily identified.

By using a dynamic analysis and reporting UI, results can be shown and investigated at all aggregation levels. This allows the user to identify immediately at what time and for which capacities bottlenecks may occur as well as which products and customers may be affected.


In order to prevent capacity bottlenecks through clever planning, there are several alternative courses of action. To give a few examples: production dates could be sped up; capacities could be increased through the introduction of extra shifts or additional resources; alternative resources could be employed, or production could be relocated and/or assigned to external manufacturers.

Scenarios can be saved and further developed at a later point in time. It is additionally important that the user comprehends exactly where a given scenario deviates from reality and the impact thereof. For example, additional resources could clear a bottleneck but could also give rise to a new problem. Consequently, delivering a high degree of transparency of all activities during a simulation is an important function of the Scenario Manager.

Since not all data needs to be duplicated and saved whenever a new scenario is created, a targeted scenario with its relevant adaptations can, if desired, be applied to and compared with various other data sets.


The Scenario Manager allows you to visualize alternative solutions right down to the most detailed level and weighs the effects one versus another. This approach enables you arrive at clear tactical decisions and provides you with sound justifications.

Along with the necessary tactical decisions resulting from fluctuating sales forecasts, there are also strategic organizational changes that impact your available capacity and the feasibility of your plan, such as the geographical relocation of production, the expansion of existing production lines or the development of new business areas and products.

Test the effects of these changes by simulating them in a digital environment to factor in variability for each individual course of action.

Run the Scenario Manager and create facts to support you in making strategical and tactical decisions.

The benefits of our Capacity Planning

Performant production control and planning along with capacity optimization are available to companies of every size through the amentis Scenario Manager. We also offer small and medium size companies professional capacity planning through flexible and custom-fit configurations. Why don’t you make good use of these benefits!

amentis Capacity Planning Scenario Manager Benefits

Taking conscious business decisions

Increase your decision-making ability by testing different courses of action.


Easy-to-understand despite complex requirements

Users are guided through the process of scenario planning in a structured manner.


Controlled bottleneck management

Avoid supply bottlenecks by making the necessary adjustments at an early stage.

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