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software solutions

Your individual point-solution
at the heart of your Supply Chain

Right-sized software
for your requirements

When the usual standards do not fit, the answer to your needs may be the implementation of a tailored custom solution on a modern and field-tested framework.


Do you have difficulties in resolving your unique supply chain problem with existing software products?


Do you find most user interfaces too complicated, old-fashioned and hardly intuitive?


Are your requirements too specific to gain added value with the traditional approaches?


Or would you rather not invest in software products of which you can effectively use only a small part?

Have you answered these questions with “Yes”?

We can provide you with the perfect, custom-fit SCM software solution that suits your business requirements in every respect. We are ready to meet your needs.

Do you have further questions about the possibilities of a custom solution for your Supply Chain planning?

Your customized
Supply Chain solution

If you have not yet found a suitable application for your unresolved supply chain planning requirements, contact us for a flexible right-sized solution. Improve the performance of your Supply Chain!


By choosing a customized application, you have the opportunity to model a tailored solution in a contemporary and user-friendly environment with your own corporate design. And you still benefit from the advantages of an established and solid software solution.

The development is based on a mature framework which already provides all basic functions of a software in a mobile environment.

Our highly experienced team of amentis solutions and aflexio consultants accompanies you on your way to a value adding solution without generating any additional effort in your daily business.

Through the use of evolutionary algorithms for optimization applications we provide an approach which confidentially tackles complex tasks.


The solution is implemented as a web application. This means it can be accessed from all devices. The user interface is tailored to your requirements through state-of-the-art visualization elements such as table grids and all chart types that are available.

The business logic is developed in the programming langue Python. Python is an open source language which is highly suitable for the performant implementation of complex algorithms. The open source community’s access to a wealth of standard libraries allows for customized extensions that are low in cost and require only little time.

The framework itself is platform independent. It can be installed on various operating systems and easily and effortlessly connected to most data basis.

You should opt for a custom solution if you do not want to adapt your unique business mode to a software product or if your problem does not seem to fit to any of the existing solutions.

We model your
SCM solution

Together with a team of specialist for cross-industry Supply Chain Planning processes and systems you develop a solution that is tailored to your requirements and based on tried and tested concepts.
Make long-term use of our continuous framework improvements and trust in the experience and expertise of our support team.

amentis Individual solution Benefits

Rapid integration

A reliable and well-engineered framework ensures the speedy implementation of individual customer requirements and wishes.


A perfectly fitting application

You will be provided with exactly those functions you want to use in a value adding way – totally free from ‘unnecessary baggage’.


Planning you enjoy

An attractive and intuitive user interface as well as well thought-out procedures – usability you will enjoy!

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