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The amentis
Assortment Wizard

Inventory optimization
… at the heart of
your supply chain

Inventory optimization
cost-optimized and target-orientated

An efficient inventory strategy helps to ensure product availability in a cost-optimized and targeted manner.

Added Value

Avoid unnecessary stock which does not contribute towards profitability and detracts from your individual business strategy.



Optimize the trade-off between cost-conscious stock management and service-oriented availability management in a controlled and dynamic manner.



The Assortment Wizard determines the right stock for the right product at the right time in a flexible manner and consistent with your current business strategy.

Assortment Wizard –
the highlights

Multidimensional assortment segmentation

Understand the impact of various product groups on your overall supply chain performance in accordance with all planning relevant factors and conditions.

Sustainable and reliable analysis of potential

Understand the potential in balancing cost optimization and customer service orientation to increase your performance.

Efficient inventory optimization

Calculation of the optimal stock level per product and period using well-proven optimization algorithms.

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your inventory

The Assortment Wizard provides an array of configuration possibilities for the optimization of your stock. Increase the potential of your inventory management.


One of the Assortment Wizard’s core goals is a custom-made plan of action for the apparently opposing aims of cost reduction and sales increase, which are typically managed by an organization’s finance and sales departments.

While there are usually clear perceptions regarding target availability, in most areas there is uncertainty as to with which stock strategies this target availability can be achieved. This is why it is not uncommon in many enterprises that stocks are unnecessarily high whilst availability is too low.

The potential analysis carried out by the Assortment Wizard shows at any point in time where you currently are compared to the calculated optimum, and what potential you could still gain through a consistent use of inventory optimization. The Assortment Wizard makes it possible for you to keep your inventory strategies up to date.


Planning decisions are still regularly made based on a ‘gut feeling’ without there being a clear framework of rules. Old structures, thoughtless decisions and familiar ways of acting lead to less than ideal decisions, the effects of which are not transparent.

To define a custom-fit book of rules for your business mode, we must first create transparency regarding your product assortment and the roles the individual products play in the context of stock optimization.

It is therefore necessary for the products to be classified in accordance with stock management relevant criteria. Standard ABC/XYZ analyses do not provide sufficient information for an evaluation of the product range in accordance with all strategic, logistic and monetary viewpoints.

An ‘A’ classified product, for instance, can be both an expensive slow mover and an inexpensive fast mover, and each alternative requires a different warehousing strategy. Therefore, the Assortment Wizard offers a large variety of predetermined and individually adjustable classification features to cover the largest possible number of relevant product characteristics.


During the assortment classification, the products are allocated to inventory-management relevant class groups. Suitable planning strategies and fields of actions are determined for these groups (eg adjustment of lot sizes, stocking decisions, safety stock levels, individual product target service levels etc.).

In the course of a product life-cycle the allocation of products to individual class groups can change, which would lead to a different optimal stock strategy. Here it is key to make changes transparent to the planner so that he or she can adapt the planning strategy at the right moment in time.

The Assortment Wizard helps you to better understand your assortment of products and accompanies you on your way to a sustainable inventory and availability management.

This way you meet your customer service expectations and make it an important differentiator compared to your competitors. In addition, the reduction of unnecessary stocks translates into your working capital.

The benefits of the amentis inventory optimization

The amentis Inventory Optimization with the Assortment Wizard adds value irrespective of market orientation or size of the company. There are no special requirements regarding hardware or operating systems for its implementation and the user can successfully operate the tool intuitively without needing any special previous knowledge.

amentis Inventory Optimization Assortment Wizard Benefits

Cross-industry utilizability

You can benefit from the use of the amentis inventory optimization solution independent from the size or market orientation of your company.


Well up in the optimization

Anyone working with the easy-to-understand interfaces quickly find their feet.


Little effort – great effect

It only takes little effort to effectively moderate the trade-off between optimizing costs and service orientation.

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